Alabama Department of Insurance
As of January 1, 2014, we will NO LONGER mail license renewal notices. We will begin sending notification of..

MetLife Policy Finder
This tool can help you find a policy you may have forgotten about, or with a legacy that a loved one may..

John Hancock
One of John Hancock's core commitments is to make timely payments of the benefits owed to our policy,

In order to file a death claim on a Prudential policy, contact your Prudential professional or call our customer,

American Council of Life Insures
ACLI Financial Security, The State Insurance Department Directory, with contact information for 50 states, the..
Alamance Nationwide
The N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) is the administrative agency for the Judicial Department..
National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Social Security Administration's Death Master List to investigate the payment of life insurance benefits and..
New York Life
At New York Life Insurance Company we make our best efforts to keep in touch with our policyholders and..
Department of Financial Services
The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) offers a free-of-charge service to assist families in..
US Lost Insurance Policies & Other Valuables
There is over $32.8 billion in unclaimed money and property in the United States. The Kentucky State..
Credit Karma Unclaimed Funds
Credit Karma offers new site to find unclaimed money that might be yours. More than $40 billion in unclaimed..

Lincoln Financial Group
If you believe you or a loved one has a policy with Lincoln Financial, use our Lost Policy Finder tool to submit an..

Lost Life Insurance Finders
Try Your Hand at Finding Your Own Lost Life Insurance All for Free! We gather some basic information. We contact..

​Nationwide Insurance
In the U.S., each state has laws to define when property is
considered officially abandoned. Time periods range..


Unclaimed Money List 2007
Some states now have laws on the books which state owners have 10 years from the date the property was..

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Database
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation guarantees bank accounts a minimum amount if the financial institution..

How to Reply to an Abandoned Property Notice..from being turnedover to your state's unclaimed property...​

Free Unclaimed Funds List Nationwide
Recover Government Unclaimed Funds! County treasurers across the country are holding millions of..

US Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Alabama
Welcome to the official website for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Alabama..

US Bankruptcy Court Southern District of Alabama
Thank you for visiting, the Alabama State Treasury's official website for unclaimed..

US Bankruptcy Court Middle District of Alabama
Our Mission.. to uphold the integrity of the bankruptcy process and inspire public confidence by providing..
United States Bankruptcy Court
US Bankruptcy Unclaimed Funds Locator are provided for user's convenience. Each court is solely responsible for..
Alabama State Treasury
Thank you for visiting, the Alabama State Treasury's official website for unclaimed..
Alabama Unclaimed Money List
Latest list unclaimed money in Alabama has been released covering the following counties: Jefferson..
ClaimsComp has recovered more than $260 million for over 186,000 businesses and individuals. Billions go..

Alabama Unclaimed Property List
Search for unclaimed money accounts for any and everyone that you can think of like family, friends, in-laws,

National Unclaimed Deposits
Freedom of Information Act is a federal statute that allows any person to obtain records of a federal agency..

Unclaimed 401K, Pensions, Retirement Benefits and
more. Government-Attic provides electronic copies of..









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