Alaska Lost Funds
With your information, our Experts use their network
of technological resources to help advertise your lost...
Alaska Labor & Workforce Development
Do you have Unclaimed Refund? Enter your employer
ID if you are an employer or (SSN) as a search criteria.
Municipality of Anchorage Police
This is an official notice regarding property in the possession of Anchorage Police Department including..
JB Martindale Unclaimed Money, Lands and Estates
Martindale's Unclaimed Money, Lands & Estates Manual: Devoted to all who are in Search of Unclaimed Money..
Holocaust Victims
This is the official information website for the Claims Resolution Tribunal of the Holocaust Victim Assets..

Unclaimed Swiss Bank Accounts & Holocaust-Assets
Database of 50,000 Holocaust-era Jewish names. If you recognize the name of a relative, you or someone in..

Global Property Guide
We're interested in being rational, as property investors.
We've developed the world's only global rental yields 
We are a professional unclaimed, lost asset location
and recovery firm with a solid financial foundation & more than 100 years of combined experience helping,
Every US state manages unclaimed fund programs that
oversee unclaimed property and assets that have either
been forgotten or left in the name of someone who is..

Online Compliance for Unclaimed Property” details the
ways in which standardized, online, electronic reporting
and remittance – for all holders and all states – can be..
Every US state manages unclaimed fund programs that
oversee unclaimed property and assets that have either
been forgotten or left in the name of someone who is..
Searchable unclaimed funds database & online
information system of USA. This system enables you to
conduct online searches on current data of unclaimed..
Search unclaimed funds and more. USA unclaimed funds
database by lost money specialist N. Cage. $86.584.698
returned in 2016. This is convenient, fast and effective.


If you can’t file online, you’ll need to mail a claim form
along with additional documentation to verify your
identity. Includes credit checks, credit scores and more..
When you create a GoLookUp account, you get unlimited
searches, and unlimited access to the biggest data base
online. Access: background check data base, phone..
Using our system we will help you search for unclaimed
money and property in states where you have lived. Some
examples include refunds from FHA-insured mortgages,
We have recovered more than $260 million for
Over 186,000 businesses and individuals. Billions go
unclaimed each year. If you’ve been contacted..
Cash Unclaimed is a private source of unclaimed money records from all 50 states & many Federal agencies. We are not an official government agency. When you perform
On can find various compliance & policy resources regarding unclaimed property in the US, Washington D.C. & Puerto Rico. The holder & reporting..
A Searchable Database of Unclaimed Funds, search this list to see if you have unclaimed property. If on the list, verify it on the state's website & use the form below to..
Discovered Money is IRS recognized 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization & we are passionate about VOLUNTEERING to help Not-for-profits and Schools find & obtain..
We buy & sell unused gift cards. Top 5 selling gift cards are Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes & TJ Maxx...We are the largest gift card exchange w/discounts up to 35%, an online community for information on obtaining grants, loans and scholarships as well as investing and frugal living tips. Please keep in..
Unclaimed Property Auctions, Phones, Clothing, Shoes, Coins, Currency, Collectibles Computers, Electronics Crafts, Dolls, DVDs, Entertainment, Gift Certificates..
Notices of administrative, civil & criminal forfeitures have traditionally been published in newspapers. Publication of forfeiture notices are now permitted on government..







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