Fair Field Electric
Fairfield Electric Cooperative has unclaimed capital credits for the following persons. This list identifies the names..
Central VA Electric
In 2016, CVEC issued a partial refund of capital credits
allocated to those who were members in 1988, 1989,.
Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Cooperative
We're attempting to locate people (or their heirs) who
received service from the cooperative prior to 2010..
Mohave Electric Coop
One of the benefits of being a member is that you share in any margins the cooperative earns. We call your share..
Horry Electric
The names of past and present Horry Electric Cooperative members with unclaimed capital credit funds can be-
Unclaimed Funds are checks that's have issued to a customer and never cashed. Search for any outstanding..
Laurens Electric
One of the advantages of being a member-owner of an electric cooperative is sharing in its success. Capital..
Little River Electric
Little River Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a member owned electric co-op proudly serving Abbeville, Anderson,
Marlboro Electric
As a non-profit, consumer-owned business, Marlboro Electric Coop returns margins in the form of Capital..
Mid Caroline Electric
Capital Credits are a benefit of membership in a member-owned utility. Each year Mid-Carolina uses revenues that..
Newberry Electric
Newberry Electric Coop, Inc. has unclaimed capital credits for the following persons. As required by state statute,
Palmetto Electric
Searchable below are names of Palmetto Electric Cooperative. members who had Capital Credit checks..
Pee Dee Electric
Our mission is to serve the energy needs of our members today &in the future. We achieve this by using the training


Stearns Electric Association
If you recognize any of the names below please contact
Stearns Electric Association at 320-256-4241 or (800) 962-https://www.stearnselectric.org/
Chugach Electric
1988 unclaimed capital credits notice page 1 of 3 eads,
kevin a eager,kelly eagle river devp co inc edison bros..
Piedmont Rural Telephone
PRTC helps businesses run more efficiently and with greater productivity using the latest cutting edge..
Medina Electric Coop
Members on list were issued a check that was returned to
the cooperative. For living individuals on list, we would..
Norris Electric Coop 1968-1972
Touchstone national network of electric cooperatives
across 46 states that provides resources & leverages..
Paulding Putnam Electric Coop
We're requesting your assistance in locating members
so they may receive the refunds due to them. These
Rural Electric Corporation
Johnson County Rural Electric Membership Corp is a not-for-profit electric utility organized as a cooperative serving

Eastern Central Energy
We're trying to find former members to return refunds
unclaimed. If you know anyone listed here and..
Sandhill Telephone
For more than 50 years, Sandhill Telephone Cooperative has existed for one purpose, to provide its members with
Southwestern Electric
You may also call the co-op’s office at (800) 637-8667,during business hours (Monday–Friday, 8 am.–4:30 pm.)http://www.sweci.com/
Mountain View Electric
If you find that your information is listed below & you have unclaimed capital credit checks, please contact our..
Union Power Cooperative
Members of electric cooperative entitles you to a share of the capital that remains at the end of each year. Capital..
Kootenai Electric
Any person possessing an interest in these unclaimed capital credits may obtain information from Kootenai..




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