Stearns Electric Association
Each year Stearns Electric Association has funds that
were not claimed or were returned by the Post Office as..
Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Cooperative
We're attempting to locate people (or their heirs) who
received service from the cooperative prior to 2010..
Lake County Power
Some members have not cashed their capital credit check, or we no longer know where they are located..
Horry Telephone Coop
HTC is the nation's largest telecommunications coop & 18th largest telephone company. Founded in 1952, HTC..
Whitewater Valley REMC
You might not realize it, but when you signed up to receive electric service from Whitewater Valley Rural..
Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative
Buckeye Rural Electric made a general retirement of capital credits. BREC is holding checks for a list of people..
United Power
United Power is a not-for-profit electric cooperative, owned by the customer-members who receive electricity..
My Settlement Claims
Use this site to find claims from class action lawsuits that you may be eligible for but didn't know about. Every year..

Classaction Settlement Rebates
When deciding whether to file a claim, look at what the
estimated payout will be & whether you need a proof of..

Top Class Actions
Millions of consumer-owed dollars go unclaimed every single day. We band together to make legal progress in..
California Settlement
State Controller audits of national insurance company practices, which started in 2008, revealed an industry-
Exxon Spill Settlement, 2, 3, 4
Unclaimed Property Settlement. AQSF Funds ...

Class Action Rebates
Lawsuits are supposed to be the great equalizer in the US Legal system, letting individuals who were wronged..


Peer Music
As part of an ongoing effort to locate recipients we've lost
touch with, we are providing a searchable database..​

Artist Music House
A simple straight forward factual site that is geared towards artists who seek basic information to sustain..
Associate Musicians of Greater NY
If you find your name, contact Local 802 Recording Checks Dept at 212-245-4802 or
Carlin America
Carlin America is among the largest of the few remaining independent music publishers in the US, and is still..
Coogan Royalties
Coogan Law (SB 1162) went into effect in California on January 1, 2000, and requires that performers under 18..

Film Musicians Unclaimed Checks
The Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund shall provide support to film musicians & entertainment community..

Mineral Wise
Find Your Unclaimed Oil and Gas Royalty, It’s Easy.
With today’s technology, it's quick to check your name or..

Television/Videotape Supplemental Markets Fund
LTVSMF shall provide support to live television videotape musicians and the entertainment community worldwide..
Music Notes
As part of our business, pays royalties to publishers based on the sales of our sheet music..

If you find an affiliate for which you can give updated
information, please click on the name to provide us with..
As a performer or beneficiary/heir of a performer, recording artist or broadcast journalist, SAG-AFTRA may
We follows all state unclaimed property law and remits
unclaimed royalties according to state requirements..
American Royalty Council
In the US, People are allowed to own their private
property minerals/receive royalty from them. Gov't own..










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