CWS Marketing
For 25 years, CWSAMS has provided continuous support to the U.S. Dept of the Treasury and its legacy agencies .
US Postal Unclaimed Mail
Welcome to the 10th annual edition of Postal Facts — a great resource for everyone on what we do and how we..

Public Safety Officers' Benefits (PSOB)
Benefits for fallen & catastrophically disabled public
safety heroes & their loved ones. Includes Federal, State &
Local Police, Corrections, Firefighters, Sheriff's/Detention,
Deputies Marshals, Paramedics, Troopers, Fire Marshal,
Court Officers, Bailiffs, Customs, Border Patrol, ATF, FBI,
CIA, FDLE, ICE,DEA.. Includes Hawaii & Puerto Rico..​
Public Safety Officers' Benefits Amount Chart
Benefits for fallen & catastrophically disabled public
safety officers & their loved ones, from 1979 to present.​
US General Services Administration
GSA, serves a vital role in US President's agenda to freeze the federal footprint, rebuild our nation’s infrastructure &
US Department of Justice, ATF
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms. Included with the
description of the property is the location where property,

Aiken Electric
Aiken Electric Cooperative annually mails Capital Credit checks to our qualified member owners who have..
Farmers' Electric Coop
Former members, whose capital credit refunds from a portion of 1989 margins and all of 1990 margins have..
Homer Electric Association
Capital credits are member’s share of the cooperative’s margins for a year in which revenues exceeded expenses.
Anza Electric Coop
Anza Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit electric utility and any excess revenue is given back to our members..
Burke Divide Electric Coop
Capital Credits accumulated members while receiving
electricity from Burke Divide from 1998-2000.
Beltra Electric Coop
It PAYS to be a member of Beltrami Electric Cooperative, Inc.! Earning and receiving capital credits is one of the..

Berkeley Electric
It is the purpose of a cooperative to provide a needed service at cost. In order to be financially stable, a..
Black River Electric
Capital Credits are a popular benefit for our members and a good example of the many ways we put service..

Blue Ridge Electric
Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative has unclaimed capital credits for the following persons. As required by state..
Broad River Electric
Broad River Electric Cooperative could owe you or someone you know some money. There are more than..
Carteret-Craven Electric Coop
Capital Credits are retired. After 3 years, any unclaimed funds go to the state. Over the past five years, the..
Coastal Electric
We are currently searching for members that had service with us for whom we attempted to send capital credit..
Cordova Telephone
Unclaimed Customer Credits. Cordova Telephone has closed accounts w/credit balances. Please call our office..
Cooper Valley Electric Cooper Basin
CVEA is a nonprofit coop corporation owned by its members. The Board of Directors of the Cooperative is..
Cooper Valley Electric Valdez
CVEA is a nonprofit coop corporation owned by its members. The Board of Directors of the Cooperative is..
Clearwater Power Company
Unclaimed Capital Refunds. Nonprofit, member-owned
electric co-op. Owned and governed by our consumers..
CPS Energy Company
CPS Energy has unclaimed funds valued at $100or less from un-cashed checks, deposits or refunds from June..
Coon Valley Telephone Cooperative
The following former members have Dividend Checks that have not yet been claimed. If you know the whereabouts..
Delta Montrose Electric
DMEA is looking for the members and former members on this list who are due “cash back” (capital credits that..





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