Connecticut Insurance Department
The mission of the Connecticut Insurance Department is to serve consumers in a professional and timely manner..
MetLife Policy Finder
This tool can help you find a policy you may have forgotten about, or with a legacy that a loved one may..
John Hancock
One of John Hancock's core commitments is to make timely payments of the benefits owed to our policy,
In order to file a death claim on a Prudential policy, contact your Prudential professional or call our Customer
American Council of Life Insures
ACLI Financial Security, The State Insurance Department Directory, with contact information for 50 states, the..
National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Social Security Administration's Death Master List to investigate the payment of life insurance benefits and..
Life insurance is meant to help out your loved ones after
you die. But what happens if a relative passes on, & you..
Anthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is reaching out to
members and providers to whom it has issued checks..
Lincoln Financial Group
If you believe you or a loved one has a policy with Lincoln Financial, use our Lost Policy Finder tool to submit an..
Lost Life Insurance Finders
Try Your Hand at Finding Your Own Lost Life Insurance All for Free! We gather some basic information. We contact..
State Farm
After we receive the notification of death, the agent of
record will contact the beneficiary of the policy. The..

​Nationwide Insurance
In the U.S., each state has laws to define when property is considered officially abandoned. Time periods range..​

Liberty Mutual
When we have unclaimed property in our possession, we
make our best effort to locate its rightful owner. If you..


US Bankruptcy Court District of Connecticut
Unless otherwise noted, the unclaimed funds listed on this website represent funds remaining unpaid after..

United States Bankruptcy Court
US Bankruptcy Unclaimed Funds Locator are provided for user's convenience. Each court is solely responsible for..
NC/Nationwide Alamance
The N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) is the administrative agency for the Judicial Department.​

National Credit Union Administration
If you're not sure if you are the person listed, fill out the
top half of the form only. We will use your social security..

Government Attic FDIC
Aug 20, 2012 - From: "Rosenfeld, Alan B." Date: Jul 30,
2012 ...12 U.S.C. 1822(e). Deposits that are unclaimed-

CitiBank India
This is with a view of enabling the public to search the
list of accounts by name of the company. Accordingly..

Unclaimed Stocks
Unclaimed property, sometimes referred to as abandoned refers to accounts in financial institutions ..

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Info System
Unclaimed dividend Details in Form 5 INV, as required by
the Investor Education & Protection Fund (Uploading of..
PNC Bank
Ever misplaced a gift card, lost track of an old savings,
or checking account? It may seem hard to believe, but..
Lincoln Financial Group
If you are the owner or beneficiary of funds in an account
with us, but have lost contact with us for a period of time,
ZDoc Site
A PDF Free Download Professional Platform. Browse by
title, use the search above or sign up to find and discuss..

Unclaimed amount details in Form 5 INV, as required by
Investor Education & Protection Fund (Uploading of ..







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