UnclaimedMoneyDatabase.org, a recognized and trusted online records information provider, helps you locate unclaimed money, property, refunds that belong to you.
Unclaimed Money Discovery is a world’s leading Asset Recovery firm & the only Unclaimed Money research firm in the industry with Better Business Bureau Accreditation.
After discovering billions of dollars in unclaimed funds due to thousands of Americans, Russ’ website wants to ensure users are conducting thorough searches from the,

Using our system we will help you search for unclaimed
money and property in states where you have lived.
Examples include refunds from FHA-insured mortgages..
Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse ("UPCH") is the largest reporter of unclaimed property in the US. Since 1984, we have provided comprehensive unclaimed property..
Unclaimedpropertydatabase.org is not connected or associated with the US government, nor with any state or federal government agency. Initial search of our national,
Unclaimed Property Finder was started to help people locate their unclaimed property. Many people are unaware that states provide a method for both reporting,
Every U. S. state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico,
British Columbia, US Virgin Islands, Alberta & Quebec,
Canada all have unclaimed programs that work to..
I hate the fact that government has your money. After I found $9,340.00 that government had been holding for 10 years that belonged to me, I was furious that they..
At SmartAsset, we specialize in helping consumers make
smarter financial decisions. There’s no smarter decision
than claiming money that is rightfully yours, which is..
Unclaimed Property Professionals Organization (UPPO) is the only national nonprofit membership group dedicated to holders of unclaimed property & service providers..
Veromi.net helps you find people & learn more about them via background reports, people searches & other public records reports. We are not a consumer reporting..

By statute, law enforcement agencies must auction seized, found & unclaimed property. This was usually done in the parking lot of the local police..










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